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Baby room
Tuff Tray Garden
Kids in Preschool
Little Bears There so much to play with
Three Teddy Bears
Play work
Playing in the Playground
Tuff Tray Beanstalk
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Eat, Sleep play repeat
Tuff Tray Farm

Flexible Childcare

Baby Room

Our baby room is a relaxed,

comfortable room where play,

exploration and discovery

are a part of the day. 
We have a sleep room for when your little ones are ready for a sleep.

Play, eat, sleep, repeat.

Toddler room

Stepping into Toddlers is a

big step for big kids.

Singing, dancing, playing with toys and equipment for early years is how we spend our time learning through play.

It's a busy time being a Toddler.

Play, eat, nap, repeat.


Play is children's work; it is how we learn.

It is so much fun to socialise with our friends.

Let's play games, learn through role play and create beautiful art works. 

There is lots of fun to be had outside in the garden with friends.

Play, explore, discover, repeat.


School Drop off and Pick up available.

We have fun activities, challenges and time to catch up with our friends.

We can even do our homework!

We have our own afterschool room and time to play out in the garden. 

Play, chill, make friends, repeat.

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